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Steel Revolution's Podcast

Apr 29, 2019

Join Shawn and Roy as they talk about local and Union news. We then are joined by some of the bargaining committee for a contract update.

Apr 18, 2019

Join Roy, Pat, Brad, and Shawn as they discuss local, contract, and Arconic news.  Pat talks about how elections having consequences.  We then finish our interviews of the other locals in the master contract, USW Local 115 and 420.  WE ARE UNITED, WE ARE ONE! Enjoy   

Apr 5, 2019

Join Roy, Mike, Shawn, Brad and Pat for Steel Revolution #55.  They give a contract and Arconic update.  Then Mike interviews David Sawyer and Nick McCarter from USW Local 309 on building solidarity for the contract.  Then, Roy interviews Robin Sowards, lead organizer for the campaign to organize the Pitt Faculty....